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  1. Open the camera on your smart device
  2. Focus your camera on the QR Code
  3. Click the link that appears
  4. Accept the permission request
  5. Hold your camera over the PictAR and view your message!

It’s easy to create YOUR OWN PictAR!

PictAR Troubleshooting

  • PictAR Experiences are viewable through the frame window, but removing the PictAR Insert from the frame may yield a smoother result
  • Close and reopen your camera
  • View PictAR in a space with minimal glare
  • Move the camera closer to the PictAR
  • Move the camera farther from the PictAR
  • Enable QR Code identification
  • Older smart devices may have to use a QR Code recognizing app
  • Ensure all Permission Requests have been accepted
  • Place PictAR on a flat surface
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