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What is WebAR? The Value of Web-Based Augmented Reality

WebAR (Web-Based Augmented Reality) is changing the face of Augmented Reality (AR) deployment, but what is it?

Do you remember when having “an app for that” carried the promise of simplicity and convenience? Now it can feel more like an invitation to less space and more device clutter. The average person has so many apps that they don’t even have time to use them all. Brands have been embracing the “Wow factor” of AR for years, but until recently, every new experience meant downloading a new app. The development of WebAR changed that, ushering in a new era for AR creation, deployment, and activation.

WebAR (Web-Based Augmented Reality) is an AR experience that lives on a website. It is as simple as that. No app downloads. Just a URL, a modern smart device, and maybe even a QR code to get users to the site quickly. (More on that soon.)

Using WebAR: How to view a PictAR
Using WebAR: How to view a PictAR

How does WebAR create value?

There are a few different ways to find value in WebAR. Users get a more streamlined experience while also saving valuable space on their device. Brands and organizations see direct value by avoiding costly app development fees. WebAR integration is also a highly efficient way to drive traffic to a website and increase consumer dwell time.

An immediately accessible experience without the need for an app download means more eyes on a project. More eyes on a project means more potential customers.

The Boys Night Out PictAR experienced was launched by scanning a sticker
Boys Night Out used a branded sticker to launch an AR Video Message

Is a QR Code necessary to view WebAR?

WebAR can be viewed without a QR Code. It can be seen by anyone who has the the URL. QR Codes are useful because they allow the user to activate the experience without typing. It is one less hurdle between the user and and the experience. PictAR Digital Media uses QR Code activated WebAR to deploy our Augmented Reality (AR) Video Messaging solutions because simplicity is the key to success. This is especially useful with AR Business Cards. Immediate access to YOUR brand message, without app downloads, ads or subscriptions.

Speed and ease of use

The ability to deliver an Augmented Reality (AR) experience quickly and efficiently is crucial. Before WebAR streamlined the process of AR delivery it could take months to get from idea to rollout. Custom apps aren’t just expensive, they take more time to design, develop and deploy. The extra time can be worth it if the goal is to have a full service app, but for one-off AR experiences, WebAR is the way to go.

What is the value of Web-Based Augmented Reality?

WebAR provides incredible ROI, ease of use, speed, efficiency and accessibility on any modern smart device. Delivery of brand messaging has never been simpler or more affordable. In short, PictAR brings your messages to life. Creative and engaging solutions are just a click away.

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