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PictAR Digital Media – Who We Are

PictAR Digital Media Offers Affordable Augmented Reality Solutions

Headquartered in Stoney Creek, Ontario and founded by Tristan Britt in 2020, PictAR Digital Media is an organization of forward-thinking collaborators who share a mutual excitement for the “pre-mainstream” potential which augmented reality (AR) technology presents. Our PictAR (Programmable Interactive Content Triggers for Augmented Reality) system harnesses the powerful combination of AR and 8th Wall infrastructure to bring 2D surfaces into the 3rd Dimension when viewed through the camera on a smart device. No ads, app downloads, or subscriptions!

We are PictAR Digital Media
PictAR Digital Media Team. From left to right: Connor Lovat-Fraser, Tristan Britt & Quinn Bleakley

Our primary goal is to help organizations gain a competitive edge with fully updatable AR Video Messaging and the ability to push new content without having to replace the physical component. Picture something as simple as a business card which is periodically updated with product tips/demos, special instructions and VIP content. Since we can activate 3D experiences on any flat surface, these benefits are easily transferred to product packaging/displays, hang tags, stickers, magnets, marketing materials and more!

Announce a new flavour or simply say thank you! Our platform is ideal for anyone with an important message to send. Our AR Video Messages add value by efficiently evoking emotion to make you stand out! This is not an email. It is not a Tweet. This is a personal message. It is a keepsake. PictAR is a meaningful connection built with intention.

If you’d like to try our Augmented Reality (AR) Video Messaging System out, you can always #sendapictar directly from our site! This option was designed to help organizations try before they buy, but it’s also an amazing gift to send in place of (or in tandem with) a traditional greeting card.

PictAR Augmented Reality Greating Cards
#sendapictar to anyone, anywhere!

In short, PictAR brings your message to life.

Check us out on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and most social media via the username @PictARapp to see our new and exciting AR Video Message System in action.

PicAR Digital Media Logo

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